Love Doves

Our doves are well cared for and loved. Their health and safety are our top priority.

Doves are highly intelligent birds. Ours are fed a specially formulated diet to keep them healthy and they live in a clean loft at our home.
They have been trained to return home immediately following their release.


The birds begin training for our release service at an early age. They first fly around their home loft. As they get stronger, they are released at various locations and longer distances on a daily basis. This conditions them and trains them to route home. Many hours are spent to keep the birds safe.

Doves 018
Doves Flying over the James River

Our doves love to fly. Their daily exercising, outside of their release events, provides them the freedom to take long flights away from home simply because they love flying. When the birds are released at your special event, they are not being forced to do something they don’t enjoy. They love flying and we are proud to share their beauty with you and your guests.

Special Purches inside thier Loft
Special Perches

The doves each have their own personal perch within the loft.
The birds are permitted free loft exercise each day (weather permitting). This keeps them in excellent physical condition to make the return flight from their scheduled release locations.

Ceremonial Doves of Tidewater uses only well trained healthy release doves (White Homing Pigeons) for releases.
Their safety and well being is very important to us.
Our birds receive extensive training to enable them to safely return to our home loft after your event. When released, our doves will usually fly directly into the sky, possibly circle and when they have their bearings, return to their home for a healthy feast.

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A Place Called Home

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