The Symbolism of a White Dove Release


Doves Mate for Life

White doves have been used at weddings since ancient times and are symbolic of celebration, new beginnings, peace, love, unity, serenity and the Holy Spirit. Doves mate for life. They share the responsibility of building a new home, raising their young and facing life’s challenges together.

White Doves are a beautiful representation of the commitment made by the bride and groom. When released, the doves will change from one direction to another. Each will do their part as they fly together. No matter where they are or where they begin, they will always find their way home.

As with the doves, a bride and groom cannot be certain where their journey may take them. Their path may change many times along the way, but with faith, trust and love, they will work together to find their way.

A white dove release is a unique and affordable gift to the Bride and Groom.

doves in a basket

Wedding Doves in Heart Shaped Basket

Why have White Wedding Doves?

What one thing do you remember from the last wedding you attended?

Imagine the bride and groom each releasing a white dove into the sky symbolizing the beginning of their new life together. As the doves begin to circle together above the wedding party they may be joined by a spectacular flock of additional white doves creating an awesome aerial display before flying home to the loft where they were raised.

Their beauty, as they soar into the sky and circle overhead is truly exciting and breathtaking. Without a doubt, your White Dove Release will create a memory and be one of the most talked about events of your special day.

Your wedding photos will be enhanced with the addition of a dove release.

How it works:


When I am contacted by a customer, I get the name of the Bride and Groom, date, time, location and any other pertinent information. I will discuss how and at what point in the ceremony they would like the release to take pace.

I will send them an agreement to fill out and to be returned with their deposit. The deposit will be refunded if I can’t fly the birds because of weather and if cancelled prior to 30 days of the scheduled release. I explain that I will contact them a week or so prior to the wedding to confirm that nothing has changed.

Wedding Day

I arrive at the wedding place an hour before the wedding. I will meet with the Bride and/or her coordinator to go over previous discussed plans and help pick an outside release site considering the safety of my doves. I get with the photographer and briefly explain how the doves will be released so he/she can time his/her shots and get the best photos.

I will set up any equipment that I may need, prior to the bride and Groom coming out. Upon their arrival, I will assist them in getting ready for the release.

As friends and family come out and gather around in front of the couple, I ensure that the photographer is ready. Usually the father of the bride, preacher or coordinator will read a poem and/or explanation of the release (I will provide). When complete, I will hand the doves or a basket to the couple and step out of the picture. They release the two birds and then they open the large basket together and the remaining birds go out usually over the crowd with a lot of ducking and ooohs and aaahs. The doves will gather together and fly off to their home for a feast and family and friends head for the reception.

Let your wedding be the one that everyone remembers and talks about for years to come!

Yorktown Wedding

Happy Married Couple ready to Release Two Doves

Types of releases:

Bride and Groom:

Two doves released by hand or from a basket by the bride and groom representing two lives working together for life’s happiness.

God’s Blessing:

Two doves released by the bride & groom followed by three doves representing the Holy Trinity and God’s blessings on your marriage.

Proclamation of Love:

Two doves released by bride & groom followed by eight doves proclaiming your love and devotion to each other.

Addition doves may be available.

About the Release:

If your wedding is indoors, a dove release on the steps of the church or temple after the ceremony is a beautiful and symbolic alternative to throwing rice, confetti or releasing balloons, all of which are progressively being prohibited due to environmental concerns.. If your ceremony is outdoors, the release can be coordinated at any time you choose such as the kiss after pronouncement. Achieving a beautiful release effect is always our top priority and our expertise will ensure proper placement, timing and coordination with the photographer allowing you to capture this special moment and savor the image forever.

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Children Love the Doves

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  1. I’m getting married Thursday May 27, 2021 @ WatersView Lake Gaston I’m interested in the dove releasing for this event. Would like to know the cost of this.

  2. We liked the idea of releasing doves instead of od confetti and rice. It makes sense that it would be beneficial for the environment since doves will fly away without leaving anything in the ground. With that set, we will recommend my brother to consider a dove release service.

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