Terms and Conditions for Dove Releases


General Information

Because our doves are precious to us, we take every precaution to protect them and assure their safe return to the loft. Therefore Ceremonial Doves of Tidewater will not release birds indoors, after the evening cut- off time or during inclement weather.

Cut-off time is calculated based on the time of day and the distances they must travel to get home before dark. If your event is delayed beyond our cut-off time, you will responsible for the full payment.  It is always best to check with the handler to be sure your ceremony will END in time for the birds not only to get airborne, but also to navigate home safely.

If the delay is not caused by you, such as inclement weather, we will refund your release fee. (A $25 travel fee will be charged if we arrive on site). Our birds cannot be released under the following conditions: Thunder, Lightning, Tornado Advisories, Heavy Rain, Fog, Haze, Snow, Ice Storms Low Clouds, extreme Heat or Cold. They do not fly at night. There will be no refunds for unexpected dove or guest behavior.

Additional Information

Ceremonial Doves of Tidewater:

Will charge a mileage fee for releases held off the Peninsula.

Will charge $50 per half hour or part thereof for delays past one hour.

Will charge a $35 fee for all returned checks.

Will arrive on time, be polite, professional, and appropriately dressed.

May occasionally have a photographer taking photographs for advertising purposes. We will ask for your permission to use these photographs for
our advertising.

Will NOT divulge your personal information to anyone outside of our company.

Our doves are fed a special diet to help prevent the unlikely soiling of clothing or properties; however we are working with live animals and cannot guarantee or be responsible should an accident occur.

Terms of Payment

Funeral Services

Due to the short notice and convenience to the family, payment can be made any time prior to the release. You may bring a check to the ceremony.
(Please make check to Don Kane (note: Ceremonial Doves)

All other Ceremonies

A minimum of 50% deposit is required on booking of services.
(You may pay in full if you prefer).

Telephone bookings are only held for five days. Booking is confirmed when deposit is received. Any balance owed is due 10 days before the service or event. Please make checks payable to Don Kane (note: Ceremonial Doves) .


More than 3 weeks prior to service – We will retain 25% of full price.

Less than 3 weeks prior to service – We will retain 50% of full price.

If we determine in advance of arrival that weather conditions prohibit safe release of the birds – A full refund will be made.

If we determine after arrival that weather conditions prohibit safe release of the birds – A full refund will be made less a $25 travel fee. (Note: if there was an additional travel fee charged because the ceremony is beyond the Peninsula, this will also be charged).

These Terms and Conditions allow Ceremonial Doves of Tidewater to deliver the highest quality White Dove Release possible.  While our priority is the health and welfare of our beloved Doves, your satisfaction is our goal.


Don Kane


Cell (757) 812-0247

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