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The funeral service of a loved one is a very emotional time. The releasing of white doves at funerals and memorials is a meaningful and touching way of commemorating the life of your loved one. We find ourselves torn between surrendering our loved one’s life and God’s promise of a much better life after death. A dove release gives closure and a sense of enlightenment that the Spirit has lifted and become free.

The ceremony allows for a release of emotion and a sense of peace and healing as the doves ascend into the sky, circle the gravesite and fly away into the heavens.

A beautiful White Dove Release ceremony, as a tribute to your loved one, can be very uplifting and may take place at the cemetery, funeral home or any outside venue.

Ceremonial Doves of Tidewater offer a number of white dove release services.
We can assist you with a dove release for a private memorial, a public tribute, or a meaningful white dove release for your loved one’s funeral, customized to your religious beliefs. We will coordinate all services with your funeral or memorial director, or with you ahead of time, so there is nothing for you to worry about on the day of the service. We will have our dove release equipment set up prior to your arrival at the cemetery and do our best to see that all goes as smoothly as possible.

An Affordable Memorable Gift

This time of mourning can be a difficult time, and trying to find a way to express your sympathy can be equally difficult.
Instead of, or in addition to flowers, a White Dove Release is one of the most memorable gifts to give to a loved one.
Family and friends can give a ‘dove release’ to the family of the deceased.

Release Choices:

     These releases would normally take place at the conclusion of the graveside or memorial service. The result is a very beautiful ending to the service and a warm memory made for your family and friends.

The Spirit Dove Release


The Spirit Dove

One pure white dove is released as a symbolic tribute to the departed loved one’s spirit leaving the earth and rising up into the heavens.


The Trinity Release – (the most popular)


Trinity Doves

One Spirit Dove is released followed by three doves representing the Trinity (Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit) or (past, present, and future). The three doves take wing from a basket; join the Spirit Dove, and together in flight, then fly home. This symbolizes the Trinity accompanying of the departed spirit to heaven.

Family members and friends have expressed how comforting it feels to release the dove, how it opens up the grieving process, and how it allows them to say a final farewell and let go.

Service in the Line of Duty Release


I Salute My Follow  Veterans

This free release is to honor local military, law enforcement and firefighting personnel killed in the line of duty. The White Doves will be released after the
playing of Taps and a moment of silence. This release is subject to the number of doves available and prior scheduling.

We have a variety of Poems and Readings that may be read prior to the release by a Family Member or the Clergy.

A handler in appropriate attire will bring the doves to the service or internment and help arrange the release. If family members choose to hand release the doves, we will assist with this.

Our beautiful white birds are much loved and many hours of training and care assures their safe flight home, following a release. A Dove Release is a unique alternative to a less environmentally friendly release of balloons. For the safety of the birds, doves will not be released in inclimate weather or in less than one hour prior to sunset.

Let us help you cherish the memory of your love one for the rest of your life.

“Oh that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be a rest.” –Psalm 55:6

Don Kane

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Child holding a Dove at the Cemetery

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